Our Story

Scene: Summer 2008 in Champaign, IL.

He was the teaching assistant of Linear Algebra 415. She was the chemical engineer and opera singer. After grades were in, they shared coffee, chocolate, and conversation.

Despite the long distance between Champaign and South Bend, they decided to give it a try.

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Scene: Spring 2016 in Lexington, KY.

She spent a whirlwind day starring in a show, baking for a departmental barbecue, and escorting her friend to what she thought was a small performance for some patrons of the arts.  He drove from Chicago to Lexington with 150 roses, 40 candles, and a bottle of champagne in his back seat, and a brilliant ring in his pocket.  In a beautifully decorated concert hall in an old Lexington mansion, he sang and played their song, Jason Mraz's "I Won't Give Up", and got down on one knee.

She said yes.

Dramatis Personae

Caroline Grace Pircon is a classically-trained soprano soloist and voice teacher working out of Chicago.  She loves cooking, reading, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.  She grew up in the agricultural metropolis of Macomb, IL as the oldest of four spectacular sisters.  She got her daddy's eyes, her mama's flair, but her sass is all her own.

Jesse Saul Beder is a classically-trained mathematician working as a software engineer in Chicago.  He loves playing piano, baseball, ping pong, frisbee, tennis, football, and frankly, any sport with a ball or disk.  He grew up in Milwaukee, the cheese, beer, and brat capital of the world, but only partakes of the first two.  He got his dad's analytical mind, his mom's analytical mind, and an extra helping of his own.